GoTV Lite Package – The GoTV Alternative to FTA

GoTV has been and will always be a sensation in Kenya. It initial market takeover saw it win a slot in the hearts of many. However, as time went by and new FTA decoders like Bamba TV and Azam entered the market, most of the GoTV subscribers realized they were paying monthly premiums for free to air TV channels. And so began the war.

To respond to this, GoTV first launched a FTA clause that let you convert your decoder into an FTA for a year at a Ksh 1800 ‘administration fee.’ Check out our post on how to convert your GoTV to free to air to learn more about this alternative.

A couple of months down the line, GoTV converted this one year FTA subscription into something totally different, The GoTV Lite package. With the GoTV Lite package, you have to pay Ksh 555 every four months to gain access to a couple of local channels and other weird international channels. Here is the complete list of what you will get with the GoTV Lite package.

  1. Inooro TV
  2. Fashion TV
  3. America’s Got Talent
  4. KBC Channel 1
  5. NTV
  6. Citizen
  7. KTN News
  8. K24
  9. JimJam
  10. Faith
  11. Islam Channel
  12. Aljazeera
  13. Afro Music

You can check out our complete GoTV Review to get insight into what customers experience with GoTV so far. Pay specific attention to the comment section. I find the comments to be an informative first-hand testimonial to the quality of service to expect from GoTV.

116 thoughts on “GoTV Lite Package – The GoTV Alternative to FTA

    1. Hi can you assist to change my decoder to Gotv lite.Iuc no.2016945957.I want to pay now.thanks waiting for your response.

  1. Until now, i didn’t realize that the GOtv converted the FTA subscription into the GoTV Lite package. But their customer care service is supposed the to be best in Kenya.

  2. hi I paid 160.00 for gotv lite 2 days ago since then you haven’t cleared error 16,and I follow the procedure to clear error 16,I get a msg that i have failed and that I should contact customer care,and even. after contacting customer care no response,advice whom should I contact?

  3. Having gone through all these complains, i didn’t catch a reply from Gotv service providers. Wanted to buy one but im gonna fold. DSTV is the way to go i suppose.

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