Product Review: GoTV Kenya Decoder

The majority of channels that you are paying to watch on GOtv are offered free of charge. Yes, you can get them free of charge. Which leaves me wondering, by paying for GOtv, are we actually paying for the channels or the decoder?

With the GoTV onset in Kenya, Multichoice Kenya, the GOtv Kenya parent company, promised Kenyans that they will receive FTA (free to air) in a non-subscription bouquet that will be airing in digital quality. Many people bought the decoders, not primarily because of the bouquets, but because they would still enjoy their favourite channels on digital TV, once the Analogue platform had been shut down.

However, what was not advertised in this deal is that if you want to watch the free to air channels only, you must part with another Ksh1800. That is in addition to the Ksh3500 you paid for the decoder plus the cost of the Gotenna.

GOtv Kenya decoders have recorded high sales and a significant number do not renew their subscriptions, not because they do not have money, but because the only interesting channels are the local channels. Most of the channels offered do not have any value to the majority of the Kenyans.

If you are a sports fan, ignore the advertisements about the inclusion of Supersport, this is not your kind of decoder. Supersport blitz is just a sports news channel, broadcasting the same things repeatedly for a couple of days. Supersport 1 is the kind that will air a cycling event at the expense of even a football match pitying the smallest teams in the premier league let alone a big club.

It is just as plain as it can get. Even free to air decoders comfortably beat at its game. In fact, almost all the channels offered by GOtv Kenya are provided free to air as long as you have a satellite receiver. They include Aljazeera, CNN, Discovery World, Nickelodeon, Disney world, among others.

List of Channels on GoTV

 GoTV VALUE (KSh 599 Per Month)GoTV PLUS (KSh 849 Per Month)GoTV Lite (KSh1,800 Per Year)
Africa Magic Epic movies (Naija movies)TickTickCancel
Africa Magic Family (Even more Nigerian movies)CancelTickCancel
Africa Magic World (African movies and other productions)TickTickCancel
M-net movie zone (Movie channel with plenty old school movies and repetitions)CancelTickCancel
Channel ED (knowledge portal for Africa)TickTickCancel
Blackbelt TV (Martial arts techniques)TickTickCancel
Bet (International music, talk, entertainment news and documentary channel.)TickTickCancel
E! Entertainment (Celebrity channel featuring Kim Kardashian all day and night)TickTickCancel
Sony (family-friendly entertainment)TickTickCancel
Sony Max (Some cruel repetitive programming)CancelTickCancel
Telemundo (Soap channel)CancelTickCancel
Disney junior (Kids’ entertainment channel)
Jim Jam (Entertainment for preschool children)TickTickCancel
Nickelodeon (Kids and teenagers)TickTickCancel
Discovery World (Documentary channel)TickTickCancel
Nat Geo Wild (Wildlife programming)CancelTickCancel
Aljazeera (24-hour English news channel)TickTickCancel
CNN (International News channel)CancelTickCancel
K24 (Kenyan programming)TickTickTick Africa (South African news and entertainment channel)TickTickCancel
Kiss TV (Kenyan music and entertainment channel)TickTickCancel
Vox Africa (News and entertainment channel for Africa)CancelTickCancel
KBC ( Kenya news and entertainment)TickTickTick
Faith (Christian Channel)TickTickTick
Islam channel (For Muslims)TickTickTick
Channel O (Music and entertainment)TickCancel
MTV Base (Music and culture. Plays Nigerian songs all day long)CancelTickCancel
One Gospel (African and international Christian music)TickTickCancel
Supersport Blitz (Sporting news and highlights)CancelTickCancel
Supersport select 1 (sports channel with occasional Serie A football)TickTickCancel
Supersport Select 2 (Local sporting events)CancelTickCancel

To watch free to air channels without paying, you need to buy a GoTV decoder and then pay a one-off cost of Ksh1,800 for it to be converted to a free to air decoder. However, the channels you will watch here are similar to those on other free to air decoder. These are channels under PANG and Signet.

Of course, to Multichoice Kenya, the channel numbers matter more than the quality. They, therefore, deem the Ksh849 GOtv monthly subscription price in Kenya to match the channels offered. However, what is the point of paying for what you will not watch?

With the only decoder offering premium high quality entertainment, DStv, out of reach of many Kenyans, it is not a bad choice to buy a GOtv Kenya decoder.

Update: GoTv FTA Replaced with GoTV lite

Update: GOTv increases monthly subscription costs.

Disclaimer: We are not the official GoTV website. We are Tech Enthusiasts interested in understanding the whole digital TV concept and help you choose the best for your needs.

306 thoughts on “Product Review: GoTV Kenya Decoder

  1. i want to shift from quarterly payments to gotv lite plus show international channels, and how much do I pay for that.does is have sports channels.

  2. I bought a decoder about 3 days ago and it was FTA and I was to pay 160/- per month as told by the shop attendant at naivas supermarket but I later got a notice that KES 920 is due on 21/12/2016,am not understanding pls advice

  3. Am really disappointed with your service. Am using the gotv plus package but looks like the gotv value reasons all the good channels are no longer aired example you removed trace, Set, Sonymax n today I find out no E!. There is a lot of Nigeria channels which some are not entertaining at all. Kindly return the channels and let me continue enjoying viewing.

  4. The problem i have is that my bamba,and pang programs dont show and i pay 920 monthly and again you keep on repeating same old movies on Mzone, M epic,M family, M world,advance your channels to latest they are far boring as now kids are home.

  5. Gotv is just a conning company .My supcription was to last for one year & before the second month after subscribing is over the’ve disconnected all the channels except kbc

  6. my subscription is GOTV plus channel 36 entertainment and 3 local channels but you are giving me less than that kindly look on that ICU 2016929295

  7. I paid my go TV 470 but still can’t see anything am much desapointed on their service my icu no is 2017766057 kindly contact me through 0700507055

  8. I paid my decoder this morning and the only channels I can see is KTN,NTV and Citizen!it sucks cz I am Missing my Bollywood films on ZEE world!I paid 920.I have tried clearing the error codes,I have tried scanning and resetting the channels all over again but itz all in vain.M account has a balance of 882.My IUC number is 2005164286.Kindly deal with the issue!

  9. I av been trying to pay for Gotv lite @ ksh160 but nothing is happening since yesterday.Please if its possible just refund my MPESA account or tell me what to or you can as well subscribe it for me since my account has money or give me the procedures

  10. go tv kenya isn’t the best at all, i have been their customer for more than 3 yrs but if you don’t pay for just a day they dis connect everything even the local channels like NTV,KTN,CITIZEN AND K24 which other companies are offering free of charge.its high time for me also dump this go tv thing.


  12. You guys are not fair i paid for this watever en i have no signal for ntv which is a free to air
    Kindly ntv is part of the payment i have a right to view it.

  13. I’m trying to pay my gotv but it’s not going through as from yesterday and I’ve put the actual amount 930
    whatsap? I called customer care and they said I do it again after 30 minutes but still it’s not responding
    help me out

  14. Wow! This article is very educating and interesting. It unveils many information about gotv. Also i learnt the multichoice company has launched Gotv Lite which is the cheapest bouquet on their plan right now

  15. its fantastic 2’v a gotv around, my quiz is cn i pay 4 a single channel or pay 4 international channels aside cz i’v already paid 4 local channels?

  16. I have not renewed my Go TV for some months now but I want to do it today or the soonest. Should I go ahead as before or their another procedure

  17. Hi you really play with our minds at times the channels are good at times are bad why increase the payment then decrease the channels..please change that please

  18. Halo, the GoTv services are good. the only problem I have observed is that scanning for channels takes too long immediately after power blackout or any interruption. Therefore you can improve on this

  19. how do I convert my gotv to free to air service? please advice am marvin Wycliffe’s . and how many channels will I be viewing on doing so?

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