Product Review: GoTV Kenya Decoder

The majority of channels that you are paying to watch on GOtv are offered free of charge. Yes, you can get them free of charge. Which leaves me wondering, by paying for GOtv, are we actually paying for the channels or the decoder?

With the GoTV onset in Kenya, Multichoice Kenya, the GOtv Kenya parent company, promised Kenyans that they will receive FTA (free to air) in a non-subscription bouquet that will be airing in digital quality. Many people bought the decoders, not primarily because of the bouquets, but because they would still enjoy their favourite channels on digital TV, once the Analogue platform had been shut down.

However, what was not advertised in this deal is that if you want to watch the free to air channels only, you must part with another Ksh1800. That is in addition to the Ksh3500 you paid for the decoder plus the cost of the Gotenna.

GOtv Kenya decoders have recorded high sales and a significant number do not renew their subscriptions, not because they do not have money, but because the only interesting channels are the local channels. Most of the channels offered do not have any value to the majority of the Kenyans.

If you are a sports fan, ignore the advertisements about the inclusion of Supersport, this is not your kind of decoder. Supersport blitz is just a sports news channel, broadcasting the same things repeatedly for a couple of days. Supersport 1 is the kind that will air a cycling event at the expense of even a football match pitying the smallest teams in the premier league let alone a big club.

It is just as plain as it can get. Even free to air decoders comfortably beat at its game. In fact, almost all the channels offered by GOtv Kenya are provided free to air as long as you have a satellite receiver. They include Aljazeera, CNN, Discovery World, Nickelodeon, Disney world, among others.

List of Channels on GoTV

 GoTV VALUE (KSh 599 Per Month)GoTV PLUS (KSh 849 Per Month)GoTV Lite (KSh1,800 Per Year)
Africa Magic Epic movies (Naija movies)TickTickCancel
Africa Magic Family (Even more Nigerian movies)CancelTickCancel
Africa Magic World (African movies and other productions)TickTickCancel
M-net movie zone (Movie channel with plenty old school movies and repetitions)CancelTickCancel
Channel ED (knowledge portal for Africa)TickTickCancel
Blackbelt TV (Martial arts techniques)TickTickCancel
Bet (International music, talk, entertainment news and documentary channel.)TickTickCancel
E! Entertainment (Celebrity channel featuring Kim Kardashian all day and night)TickTickCancel
Sony (family-friendly entertainment)TickTickCancel
Sony Max (Some cruel repetitive programming)CancelTickCancel
Telemundo (Soap channel)CancelTickCancel
Disney junior (Kids’ entertainment channel)
Jim Jam (Entertainment for preschool children)TickTickCancel
Nickelodeon (Kids and teenagers)TickTickCancel
Discovery World (Documentary channel)TickTickCancel
Nat Geo Wild (Wildlife programming)CancelTickCancel
Aljazeera (24-hour English news channel)TickTickCancel
CNN (International News channel)CancelTickCancel
K24 (Kenyan programming)TickTickTick Africa (South African news and entertainment channel)TickTickCancel
Kiss TV (Kenyan music and entertainment channel)TickTickCancel
Vox Africa (News and entertainment channel for Africa)CancelTickCancel
KBC ( Kenya news and entertainment)TickTickTick
Faith (Christian Channel)TickTickTick
Islam channel (For Muslims)TickTickTick
Channel O (Music and entertainment)TickCancel
MTV Base (Music and culture. Plays Nigerian songs all day long)CancelTickCancel
One Gospel (African and international Christian music)TickTickCancel
Supersport Blitz (Sporting news and highlights)CancelTickCancel
Supersport select 1 (sports channel with occasional Serie A football)TickTickCancel
Supersport Select 2 (Local sporting events)CancelTickCancel

To watch free to air channels without paying, you need to buy a GoTV decoder and then pay a one-off cost of Ksh1,800 for it to be converted to a free to air decoder. However, the channels you will watch here are similar to those on other free to air decoder. These are channels under PANG and Signet.

Of course, to Multichoice Kenya, the channel numbers matter more than the quality. They, therefore, deem the Ksh849 GOtv monthly subscription price in Kenya to match the channels offered. However, what is the point of paying for what you will not watch?

With the only decoder offering premium high quality entertainment, DStv, out of reach of many Kenyans, it is not a bad choice to buy a GOtv Kenya decoder.

Update: GoTv FTA Replaced with GoTV lite

Update: GOTv increases monthly subscription costs.

Disclaimer: We are not the official GoTV website. We are Tech Enthusiasts interested in understanding the whole digital TV concept and help you choose the best for your needs.

306 thoughts on “Product Review: GoTV Kenya Decoder

  1. Hi I am JARED NYAMOSI wish to active my decoder ICU no.2017618673 via airtel money advice me please how to pay

  2. My iuc number is 2016879692. I paid 555sh for three months subscription but no channel is showing. Kindly help.

  3. I payed my gotv decoder yesterday it still searching for the signal it does show any station please help my uim 2017119895 help damasus from kajiodo embru bul

  4. Paid for my Gotv yesterday for 599 and it has not been reconnected please reconect it we should not be begging for this IUC number 4622960584

  5. need some assistance need to convert my
    decorder to free to air….have just paid the sum of money 1800
    iuc number:4623799085

  6. hey GOtv…I need to purchase on year services.. how much will pay but all channels will remain…including zee world, telemudo and africa magic

  7. Do we still have the free air channels although we pay for it or it has been removed.As i can the Gotv life is marked xx. what does this mean?

  8. i paid ksh 2400/- for one year subscription but it never happened only to realize my recorder has been switched off.
    kindly advice

    1. There is no one year subscription anymore. You will have to choose and pay for the current packages. Check on our post about GoTV scrapping the FTA and replacing it with GoTV Lite

  9. I paid on June and you had given me an offer of upto September which you have ended since I can’t access any channel my icu number is 2017822350 please help out if possible or give a feed back of wat I should do

  10. Jack of all trades


    I dont know whats ailing go tv…but people seem to be on their knees begging for services theyve paid for. Guess ill look for some setbox some place else.

  11. On 14.6.2016, l paid 650/ for go value i watched for only 4days till now nothing to be seen plz re connet as quick as possible! Iuc4624036660 Thanx.

  12. Your service is poor,plz improve on it:how can l pay ma decoder and no channels are coming up:lnc no.2018723138.plz help:Vinny eldoret

  13. Hi. My IUC number is 2017732028. I paid 849 shillings as usual on 15th and it’s still showing nothing!!! Please help

  14. I have paid for my govt decorder and since Wednesday the channels are not there…Inc no 2017300576..pls assist

    1. Edward, You will have to contact GoTV support to get such kind of assistance. You can call on: 0711066000 / 0204236000 / 071106655

  15. I can sense and its a fact that gotv will follow the footsteps of posta kenya and the likes of telcom kenya unless it changes its operation styles..imagine i cant get the services unlesss ive paid the full amount wherareas i enjoy less than 10% of the services i pay!! Does it mean that you guys cant up your game such that even with my 100 bob i can watch my tv!! Why do i have to pay 920 while i only watch my tv2 days in a month….you got it wrong guys and it wont be long before you realize it …kenya power today has it..safaricom and communication providers are doing fine…today 50% of the people who purchased decorders cant even top up reason being you pay what you dont spend..wether you like itornotits an issue..

  16. Am Jeff.I paid kshs.500 for my mother go tv on 12/6/2016 no chanel is there plz plz icu no.4623136454 plz plz do something now..thenks.

  17. hae am mwangi i paid 600 to go tv account to subscribe my decoder to gotv lite up to date not yet pliz help my IUC number is 4622421724.

  18. I only need 3 channels, citizen TV, ktn news SC series and Africa magic only, how much should I pay once for all to watch them without monthly subscription? /

  19. i have paid two instalments 550 and 50.7/6/2016 n 8/6/2016 respectively. up to now nothing seen. ICU no 2018610764.plz .help.

  20. Dennis owino Onyango


    I paid for my decoder and the signals are not there. I’m in the dark what is happening. Dennis from kisumu ICU no4622530760

  21. hey i did pay 849 en ma decorder aint showing anything do something men pleaae. .
    ma iuc. ….2017576260

  22. I topped up my decorder with 920 Kenya shillings,the decorder is only viewing one supersport channel,kindly assist,iuc no2016854952

  23. Hi. I paid my normal subscription 849/- for my account 2018791854 and up to this morning my device is scrambled for nonpayment. Can someone intervene?

  24. do you have a package for one year subscription that covers all channels currently on the 800/-pm. How much is it?

  25. why are your sevices more expensive than your competitors? Some allow even 150sh a month.Am thinking of dumping your decorder and get another one from your competetors.

  26. hi gotv i paid my gotv subscription of ksh920 am only viewing kbc,i have tried to activate via sms but its not going through can somebody kindly activate for me.iuc no2018789579

  27. I paid 1,200ksh to convert my gotv decorder to free to air last year and now you have scrambled my services. what should I do?

  28. Please gotv team solve this issue out since i am facing the same problem people are complaining.
    and why only you people are increasing subscription and yet others sites haven’t and also others are free of charge.

    kindly take note since this is going to cost u loose your customers.

  29. pls i bought decoder and converted it to free to air channel by paying 1800 i would like to know why you have switched me off why did you ask me to pay the 1800 then above the cost of decorder.The was no notice given no reason given

  30. hi. am Patrick and I paid a subscription of ksh 555 yesterday the 4th of june 2016. one day later, I get disconnected with an E16 error code. can somebody please explain to me what this is supposed to mean. my IUC number is 2******

  31. I paid 1k on 29 and I was told that the required amount is 1800 since yesterday the decorder doesn’t respond what can be the problem the iuc no is 2********

  32. I have paid 850 through mpesa. I was told the charges were increased to 920. I topped up and Upto to I can’t see anything. Why is this happening? My account is 2015961847. please check.

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