Google’s Venture into Skype’s Backyard – Adding a Free Touch to Video Conferencing

Google’s quest to making the web your true home has activated the birth of multiple projects, some of which are hits while others, well, are not that successful. Its successes however out shadow the little failures that we even perhaps never get to hear.

Some of its ventures, like using gandolas or camels to expand its Street View database are simply eyebrow rising. Others like letting you call a doctor right of your Google search results are lifesaving. While I am not branding Street View useless, Google’s idea of including a ‘Talk to a Doctor’ link to all your medical symptoms or illness searches could help connect patients to doctors in a faster and more efficient way.

By offering this free video call functionality, Google seems to be enticing people into adopting its Hangouts app as a replacement to veteran video conferencing applications like Skype. Currently, with this app, all you need is the Chrome browser (assuming you are not on a Chromebook) and you are good to go.

With the dedicated video conferencing device, Chrome Box for meetings, you can easily hook up with up to 15 people and carry out a teleconference meeting regardless of the location of each participant. Even though you will need a subscription and some hardware purchase to host such a meeting, the mere ease of getting the conversation started and the power to collaborate on documents and files makes it worth the pain.

The number of people who would sooner telecommute than go to offices increases by the day. Google’s move to provide a solution that makes collaborations and information sharing in simpler in such scenarios might seem like just any other of its many projects only that it isn’t. It is a perfect read of the future and the providence of a solution that many will soon flock in to use.

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