Cheap Auto Spare Parts – Exploring the Junkyard

When purchasing your highly polished perfectly tuned car from the dealer, you would rarely imagine replacing the current side mirror with a second hand piece off a junkyard. Actually, very few people will even stomach the idea of the side mirror missing in the first place. This is the ideal world. A world quite distant from the ideal society we live in.

In reality, your car is bound to break down at one point or another. Whilst getting brand new components for the replacement would be the dream of every car owner, making tradeoffs and going for something equally useful and more affordable is a nobler course. Finding a reputable wrecker who can give you access to functional spare parts will cut down you budget.

Knowing what to consider when making the decision should keep the other components of your car working perfectly after the replacement. Since most of the wreckers have access to hundreds of grounded cars, their catalogs are quite wide and you can virtually get any component you desire from the wreckers.





ford raptor

Choosing the right used spare parts for your car should be as simple as matching the car model. If you own a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, you would be looking for a dealer who has the exact model or close variant’s spare parts in stock.

A car that was involved in a head-on collision might have totaled its entire front face but might still have a functional rear axle, taillights and perhaps some brake pads. The fact that these components were not involved in the accident in any way makes them a perfect replacement for what you have in your car

By choosing a wrecker you can trust, you will be assured of high quality components that though feature a lower lifespan since they have been in use before are still a good bargain for your money. The undeniable fact that wreckers could sell you incompatible of faulty parts has made many people shun this lucrative and reliable second hand spare part market.

junkyard3However, the fact that you will pay less than half the price to get a functional spare part gives enough reason to trying it. Some car components were designed to last a car’s lifetime. Concentrating on such components when making purchases will help you cut down on budgets without risking your safety.

Moreover, you will also have to learn some bit about cars before venturing into the wrecking yards to shop for your next spare parts. You need to be sure that the component is compatible with your car especially if you are taking a substitute spare part. Sticking to your manufacturer and car model, on the other hand, is very safe since you will be getting what the manufacturer used to make your car in the very first place.

Remember that second hand spare parts are never the best choice. They are cheaper, yes, but they will feature a shorter lifespan since they have already been in use. However, the fact that they will serve you well for quite some time, cost less and help you keep the environment clean by adhering to the recycling theory gives them some credit.

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  1. A couple of years ago I needed a part for the transmission mount on my truck. Everywhere I looked, it was pretty expensive. I could have used your post here and some of the tips. I didn’t realize that buying a used part could be so much cheaper. I usually buy my parts online, but I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thanks.

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