Free Educational Apps for Your Kids

Kids use smartphones. That’s true. Their interest and desire to use smartphones scares most of us. This is also true. A smartphone will do your child or teenager no harm – if only you could learn to control the use and ensure it adds value to your kid’s life. Installing and encouraging the use of fun educational apps is a great alternative to hiding phones from your young ones. Here are eight free educational apps for your kids to begin with.

Math Formulary (Android)


Math is quite the bother to many kids. With Math Formulary, you will give your kid access to common math formulas that cut across different education levels. With a couple of graphics to explain each formula to the kid, understanding math would be a breeze.

This Android app organizes everything into neat categories (Basic Arithmetic, Geometry, Analysis, Algebra, Logic, Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry)

3D Brain (Android)

3D brain will empower your kid with general information that will come in handy later in life. This free educational app for your kid features a 3D view of different brain parts that can be investigated via touch, rotate and zoom. The app explains functions, facts and any related complications that arise when each section of the brain fails.

Animal Fun (iPhone)


Animal Fun focuses on animal identity and the sound each animal makes. Your kid will learn about different animals by seeing them and hearing the sounds they make. This is a perfect way to teach them about animals they might never see anytime soon.

Puzzle Games for Kids (Android)


Puzzle games are a perfect way to developing your child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills. Puzzle Games for Kids features a variety of puzzles of different complexity. They’ll challenge your kid’s brain and keep him or her occupied as you drive or fix dinner.

NASA (Android)


The NASA app will bring out the scientist in your kid. Let him or her learn about the stars, planets and latest inventions from a tender age by browsing through stunning NASA images, news and mission information. You’ll be surprised how much impact these tiny bits of genius information will have on your kid.

Practice English Grammar (Android)


Teach your kid grammar with interactive grammar exercises targeted at beginner level learners. The app has over 500 questions spanning 16 topics. It’s more than enough to introduce your kid to the basics of English grammar.

Kids Numbers and Math (Android)


This is the launch pad to the world of numbers and math. It’s perfect for little kids who are yet to master their 1-20 numbers. A variety of exercises will ensure the kid knows the numbers and different math operations inside out.

HomeWork (Android)


Homework was never fun. I doubt if it will ever be. But it has to be done either way. HomeWork will get your older kids covered for this. The app will schedule homework, lessons and study plans. It is a cool tool that adds innovative functionality to the old school pen and paper timetable.

You no longer have to be the bad parent or uncle by imposing a phone-free policy on your kids. You could use these free educational apps for your kids to ensure that your kids get something useful to do with their smartphones. An additional tracker app. TeenSafe would be a great place to start. It will give you control over the kid’s texts, calls, social media and most importantly phone location.

Back to you. What’s your kid’s favorite educational app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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