Five Desktop Apps You Must Have to Survive the Internet Apocalypse (Windows Edition)

The number of licensed Windows 8 copies are way beyond the 100 million mark. Bearing in mind that the number of hacked copies in the market by far outnumber this and that quit a number of users are still stuck with Windows 7, you will have every reason to conclude that Windows OS is the most popular in the market. For the latests OS in the Windows family, check out the Windows 9 Specs latest review.

With most of the modern day applications and operating systems tending towards cloud computing, you can just but imagine what would happen in case Anonymous decided to freeze the entire World Wide Web, or perhaps the zombies, for some weird reason, picked the primary DNS servers’ locations as their base.

Here are some good old offline windows applications that will keep you productive through the lull.

  1. MS Office

windows iconMicrosoft is an off the shelf suite that give you all the tools you need to remain productive. Though the most basic tool we use here could be Word, other applications in the suite like Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and publisher are a perfect tool. Normally, you would have to part with some cash to get a genuine copy of the office suite. If you are not willing to pay, you could consider using the LibreOffice, which albeit inferior is always powerful enough.

  2. Picasa

PicasaPictures are integral to the modern day life. A tool that scans your entire machine and comes up with all the photos would be quite neat. Moreover, it is a perfect quick edit tool that will help you keep your photos looking nice and ready to sync when the internet connections are restored.

  3. C Cleaner

3D-CcleanerSince there will be no online support, OS updates and so forth, C-Cleaner is mandatory to help you keep your current system running optimally. You can use it to clean up temporary files and clean up junk from installed programs leaving your comp free and snappy. You could set it to work on auto or do it every now and then to pass time.

  4. Antivirus

A good antivirus will keep your system secured. It is an integral part of any computer that accesses the internet, it is equally important in the apocalypse since most of the data would be shared via removable devices like flash memory sticks and memory cards. Stay safe, keep the viruses of your computer if you don’t want to roll back to the system restore option.

  5. 7Zip

Apps 7 ZipSaving on space is mandatory. You would need to compress files that you don’t use frequently. Winrar is a common tool for this task. You can also compress files or even the entire hard disk using the native Windows OS compression tool. However, the fact that 7Zip lets you achieve higher compression rates hence creating smaller files earns it a slot on our list.


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