How to Change Your Second Hand TV Decoder Ownership Details

A secondhand TV set-top box is as good as a new one – unless the last owner did something shady to it. The only problem is you might have to live with the previous owner’s name for a lifetime. Or do you?

Set-top box manufacturers aren’t that squirrel minded. They have elaborate set-top box ownership transfer that will transfer all the account details to your name, provided the previous owner gives the consent. All the major TV decoder vendors have this service. Even though the procedure might vary from DsTv to Startimes, the base rules still remain the same.

The General How to Transfer Decoder Ownership

  1. You either have the previous owner accompany you to the set-top box vendor offices. Ensure that they carry their ID and perhaps their purchase receipt even though their ID number and phone number would suffice.
  2. Or get a change of ownership form (if it is DStv you can download it here) from the decoder offices, and fill it. You could alternatively get a letter of consent from the previous owner (The sale agreement you made in writing.)
  3. Ensure that you have your copy of national ID and one copy of that person’s ID

With DStv, you might have to drop off the documents in person. For Startimes, you can have the previous owner call customer care and furnish them with the current account details. If things check out (smartcard number, ID number and other account specific details), he or she can then have the account ownership transferred to you.

GoTV proposes a simple system. Am yet to test it as I don’t trust Kenyans and email follow-up. Here it is

gotv change ownership


In my opinion, the best way would be dropping by specific decoder offices to have the ownership details changed before paying for the decoder. This is simpler, and you won’t have to plead with the previous owner for a decoder ownership change a couple of weeks later.

16 thoughts on “How to Change Your Second Hand TV Decoder Ownership Details

  1. I have been using the same decoder but it’s not bought by me so the decoder just blocked and I cannot get it play so I just wanna know what to do cause I called multichoice as well to find out that can I change the initial so I didn’t have enough airtime

  2. I have bought a secondhand Gotv
    decoder and I want to change
    ownership details. What do i do?
    or su I need to return it?

  3. I want to change startime decoder to be my account. The owner who sold it to me died in El-ade Somali, now i want to change so that i can easily access it

  4. how can I change Zuku decoder from the previous buyer details to my details and the direct buyer has already transferred to other place and I have some of her details but I forgot the billing account we used to pay with how can you assist me pliz.

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