Buying a Smartphone – It’s More of an Ego Thing

When I first lay my hands on the first mobile phone ever to come into my life, the Ericsson GA628, there was no doubt that I was holding a gadget made to make call, period. Though this might sound crippling by the merest standards of the modern day phone, the 170g monster with an antennae and tiny LCD screen was more than enough for me. It was a perfect definition of what I needed in a phone – something to help me make calls while on the go.

Knowing what you need in a smartphone will help you choose something that meets your needs no matter how ridiculous it might sound to someone else. With this in mind, you will make better decisions on all the other jargon that all the big players in the market use to cajolingly convince us to ditch what we have in exchange for something new and more powerful.

Understanding what you need in a smartphone makes things easy. For instance, if all you need were to make calls, you perhaps wouldn’t have to spend more than a couple of dollars since you do not exclusively need a smartphone to do that. If all you need is surf the web and stream HD video, then you might have to consider a bigger clearer screen, some tangible RAM and a respectable processor to power your fetish.

sizable and powerful, sometimes more than you need

If this be the truth, then more than ¾ of the modern day smartphone owners walk around with ‘burdens’ they do not really need. While a Lumia 1520 would be excellent if you do quite some heavy graphics oriented work while on the go, it is more of a prop – or perhaps a show off – to someone who need to make a few calls, check the mail and take a selfie or two.

Choosing a smartphone that slightly supersedes your current needs gives you room to grow. This gives you the power to slowly increment your demand for the gadget without complaining of how slow or incapable it has become.

Sadly, we (me included) all buy phones because we want to have the very best. This is not new, neither is it irresponsible especially if you can afford to foot the bill. This is why later in the year; we will all be running to the Apple Store to get at the new iPhone 6. This is why I will specifically be looking forward to the next-gen Samsung Galaxy (I am a customization freak, I find iOS and Windows OS too limiting).

Here are the functional questions to answer before picking up your new smartphone:

  • Will it let me make calls and text conveniently?
  • Is it compatible with my favorite social sites?
  • Is it powerful enough to keep me entertained when it is all I got?
  • Can I keep up with my office work through it?

These questions will give you the phone you deserve.

The irony is that just one single question will give you the phone you want (not need):

Will it make me superior to Tom and Jerry while making Sam respect me more?

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