Bungoma Hangman, An Addictive Kenyan Android Game from Mesmerize Games

I feel excited every time creativity that captures some of the epic moments in history makes it to a computer or phone game and adamantly insists that its actions aren’t based on actual events or characters. This is what Bungoma Hangman from Mesmerize Games is all about.

bungoma hangman

At a Glance

The game concept is simple. Hang on a chopper, avoid obstacles and try to keep your strength up to avoid falling off the helicopter. A simple up and down button lets you navigate the chopper up or down to either capture more food (did I mention the food is chunks of chicken and plates of what must be Ugali), or avoid obstacles like flying birds and electric poles.

Bungoma Hangman begins with a man running to and jumping onto a chopper as it takes off the ground with some traditional grass thatched huts in the background. This combined with the notoriously traditional theme music serves to place the game into its perfect context.

Graphics, Controls, and Overall Performance

Simplicity and limited background props make this game simple, light and fast. It reminds me of Angry Birds. A short game without so much logic or graphics that still manages to pump you up with adrenaline every moment you hit the play button.

The controls are equally simple and responsive. Tapping on the up or down button evokes instant response from the chopper and will help you steer the guy onto some food or make him avoid the flying birds.

Some people would say that the continuous single scene, bare-back 3D implementation is mundane and boring. Well, I would say so too if the game wasn’t so captivating and adrenaline packed. If you have played Temple Run or Subway Surf before, you will definitely identify with this game from our own local developers.

I must admit, the game would be better with a couple of levels, or changing chopper speeds. But I won’t ask for those. They might be there in subsequent versions, we are not sure. What matters is Mesmerize Games managed to come up with an amazing game at the most opportune moment.

the bungoma hangman intro bungoma hangman

My Opinion

Are you kidding me? This game is awesome! You can make it a competition by scoring your top score on Facebook and reliving the joy of hanging on longer than your friends hang. This is the traditional definition of “hang in there.”

You can download the game on Google Play here

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