Best Smartwatches to Buy this 2014

Smartwatches are here to stay. Apple just solidified this by jumping into the fray with its own equally impressive piece. Even though the Apple Watch (unlike the iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus) might not be available on the Apple Shops yet, its contribution to the steadily growing smartwatch niche is phenomenal.

With its actual entry into the market scheduled early next year (2015), anyone interested in tasting the smartphone waters would have to make-do with choosing the best smartwatch off the current catalog, which is surprisingly wide and flexible.

Other than being a mere extension to your smartphone, your smartwatch would be a close partner, closely monitoring your vitals and sending silent but imperative notifications whenever needed. Whether you are getting one just because you are tired of having to hunt for your phone to respond to a text or you simply want to monitor your heartbeat when on the treadmill, the following seven should be an ideal.


1. Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung_Galaxy_Gear_smart watchThough not the hit Samsung and many expected it to be, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the rightful big brand pioneer into the by then fairly gentle smartwatch waters. While paying $300 or more for a fancy wristwatch that connects to your Galaxy tablet, Galaxy Note 2/3 or Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 is quite an overkill, the fact that you get a spy-like 1.9MP camera on the strap and a 320×320 1.6” Super AMOLED screen could make you think twice.

It is designed to connect to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth of NFC technology and can power on whenever you move your arm. With the price tag hitherto revised downwards and a firmware upgrade that lets you access mail, Twitter and Facebook notifications, run third party apps and control the wearable through voice commands, Samsung Galaxy Gear could easily be the best smartwatch.

2. Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony-SmartWatchThe Sony came after the Galaxy Gear with the intent of correcting on all the price and compatibility discriminations posed by Samsung. Though this smartwatch’s 1.6-inch screen on a metal and plastic body has nothing special to the eye, its improved versatility (dustproof and 30-minute waterproof at a depth of 1m) have made its name as one of the best smartwatches on the market.

With the native home, back and menu keys (touch sensitive) and an acceptable range of Google Play apps make it a perfect extension of any smartphone running Android 4.0 and above. The amazing thing is you can get it for a price lower than $200, compared to the Gear’s $300.

3. I’m watch

im_watch smartwatchIt is as mind boggling as its price tag. Retailing at $361, the i’m Watch is one of a kind. It not only features a full touch screen but also lets you install complete apps straight to its memory.

Connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth is quite easy and you can easily make calls, access mail and other applications on your phone. This amazing smartwatch is only available to Andorid users.

With a range of features like i’music that plays music via in built headphones, a compass, radio tuner full text social site alerts, fitness functions and cloud storage, it is a pity that its cumbersome firmware makes it touchscreen sort of sluggish hence watering the fair effort down.

4. ZTE Bluewatch

bluewatch smartwatchConnecting this 1.26 inch display smartphone to your smartphone through Bluetooth lets you do a collection of cool and impressive things. Top on the list is making call with the BlueWatch feature and managing your Twitter and Facebook accounts off your wrist.

In addition to this, you can flip through your phone’s photo album to pass time without necessarily whipping out your impressive smartphone (the BlueWatch won’t work with just any other phone, you will need high class devices like the Blade V or Grand S to enjoy its powerful seamless integration).

5. Apple Watch (iWatch)


Yes, its last on the list. Why? You ask. The answer is simple. It won’t be in the market till 2015, so it does not technically pass as one of the best Smartwatches to buy in 2014. However you can safely, expect it to be as impressive as it is expensive. By the way, the official name is Apple Watch, not iWatch.

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