How to Back Up Your WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive – Coming Soon

I have an inherent weakness to keeping my memory card intact. Either I’ll get it off my phone for some weird experiment or I’ll ‘accidentally’ wipe it clean while flashing a new ROM. Whatever it is, there seems to be a million and one ways through which you can lose data saved in your phone. For ages, Google has offered a solution to keeping your contacts, the most important aspect of your phone life, safely backed up in your Gmail account. Your favorite messenger, WhatsApp intends to follow suit soon.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages Now

Currently, WhatsApp backs up your messages to SD. To access the backup settings, you have to navigate to menu> settings> chats and calls> chats backup

Normally, this will prompt an automated backup to SD. The problem with backing up to your memory card is that you can either lose it or wipe the data accidentally. Moreover, your backed up messages will only be available if you have access to the memory card. What happens if you lose your phone or change it intentionally?

Why Backup to Google Drive

With the Google Drive backup functionality, you will no longer have to worry about losing your memory card or your phone. You can always restore your chats from the backups you made on the cloud. To the very least, you will neither have to forget all those sweet memories you made with your late night texts nor look confused when people talk about cloud computing.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Drive

If you are using the right WhatsApp version, navigating to menu> settings> chats and calls> chats backup will give you an option to back up to Google Drive (instead of just creating an automatic update.) Don’t worry if you don’t find this option. The folks over at WhatsApp and Google say this functionality will roll out gradually. It might be a couple of weeks or a month before you get this menu.

If you have the option, tap on backup to drive and select a backup frequency. Don’t forget to tap Back Up to create your initial backup. If you are a message hoarder, you might want to do this on Wi-Fi or after subscribing to some substantial data bundle. The first backup takes some time. Subsequent backups will only be incremental. They will be faster and more forgiving on your data bundles.

Taking One Back – Deleting the Backup

If you want to clear your backup and lose some ‘unwanted’ history, you will have to navigate to Google Drive and log into your account. Remember Google uses the one account for all feature. If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have a Google Drive account. The login details are the same.

If you are on mobile, remember to request for the Desktop Version. You can tap on the Menu Button at the upper left corner and choose Desktop Version. Once in desktop version, lookout for the Gear icon on the right. Click on it, go to settings then Manage Apps.

Scroll down till you find WhatsApp and wait until “Hidden App Data” size shows up. Click on its options> delete hidden app data. Don’t get it mixed up, this purges everything hence you won’t have the satisfaction of purging all your Ex’s messages without affecting the rest of your memorable chats.


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