AVG Internet Security 2016 Review

AVG Internet security suite is the latest product from the Czech manufacturer of renowned antivirus. With the announcement made last year that AVG would sell browsing history, ISP/mobile network, and information about applications of users using its free product, most people decided to move on to other software. Seeing that as a move to encourage people to shift to paid software, I expected quite a lot from AVG Internet Security 2016.


Set Up


Downloading the anti-virus is easy, but you’ll have to give it another 10 to 15 minutes for the installation to complete, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once installed and you’ve signed up for an AVG account, everything is pretty straight forward.


User interface


AVG Internet Security 2016 has a beautiful dark-themed user interface with bright green texts. The home screen indicates five modes and allows you to enable, disable, or change other settings. The top menu has links to the AVG site, configuration options, and reports. Although the home screen is straightforward, it gets more complex as you navigate to advanced settings.



AVG uses a cloud-based technology that compares applications on your computer to known viruses, Trojan horses, Adware, Spyware, and worms. It also has a community protection network for identifying threats via customer information.


For web protection, it uses Link Scanner technology, to avoid sites that aren’t safe. There’s also an email scanner to protect you from spam and threats.


Upon installation, all the main components; computer, web, identity, email, and firewall protect are enabled by default. You’ll only need to initiate the first scan. The firewall compares your applications with a list of trusted ones and automatically decides network permissions. This is a pretty old method that will turn off any application that’s not listed even if it isn’t a threat.




  • Intuitive user interface
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of computer resources
  • Non-stop protection during gaming with game mode
  • Has AVG Accelerator, which increases the speed of connectivity of your PC.
  • Provides social network protection
  • Good malware removal tool




  • Took too long to install
  • No parental control
  • Poor firewall




AVG Internet Security 2016 is a beautiful and competitive internet security suite that’s pretty much improved from its previous version and has faster-scanning speeds and less impact on your PC’s resources. Although it has a good free malware removal tool, the firewall and parental control features need to be improved.


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