Android or iOS –Why Android is Better

The iOS 8 beta 6 is out – to testing partners. This is in schedule and preparation for the much-anticipated iPhone 6 whose specification – if the rumors going around are true – are simply mind blowing. With changes in the recent iOS 6 and iOS 7 releases giving more power to developers, many people argue that iPhones and iPads can now play on level ground with the grand and mighty Android driven counterparts.

I don’t concur. Here are my reasons – rather list of customizations the Apple enthusiasts must match before I bat an eyelid.

Change my Appearance

Custom launchers give your phone a new face. They let you customize your phone in a totally new way each day. With most of them offering complete remodel features, you could even set your phone to feature the right grotesque theme for Halloween.

As if this is not enough, there are tons of them. My favourites are Go Launcher and Next Launcher. The irony that bogs my mind is the fact that I can have an Office or iOS interphase if I wanted by just downloading the right theme.

What else would I ever ask for if Retina and PureView make no sense to me?

Lock in Style

Lockers let you customize your lock screen. They let you choose the perfect theme for the day, the season or the mood. Though the native iOS should let you do this, the fact that you can do it in a thousand and one different ways with an Android locker make Android a thousand times better.

My favourite is Go Locker. It not only lets me customize my lock screen but also allows me go to specific places when I unlock my phone. A swipe on a notification sinks me straight into the triggering application. Moving the lock icon towards different directions lets me move straight to three different applications.

Swiping down frees my RAM. (You wouldn’t need this if you have 4GB of RAM – I don’t)

Organize my Apps

Finally, The folder creation and organizing Android app feature most of the Launchers have makes things more organized and fun. The App Drawer could be intimidating – if you have much on your phone. Launchers give you a way of organizing the content into folders that make sense to you. I use this feature to make my phone more organized – and to make me feel comparatively mystique.


I would have concluded my rant with Swype. That amazing app that lets you slide your finger across the virtual keyboard as it accurate figures out the word you had in mind rather than tap on individual letters when typing. The fact that SwiftKey, a similar solution and competitor to Swype has already introduced the gospel to iOS world bends my arm.

What thing makes you think Android is better – or believe in the superiority of iOS? Let me see your comments

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