2014’s Top Apps and Websites

The web is undergoing a revolution. Web 2.0 is no longer a way of relaying information, rather it being transformed in to a creative way of transmitting information. Boring sites may still be available but new and creative websites and apps are springing up.

I have compiled a list of new, popular and cool websites that offer more than just information. From methods of sharing photos and videos to interactive ways of chatting to your loved ones, the list is endless.


rent rides

How about this- rent surfing boards, bikes and snow equipment from people just like you exactly when you want to use them. Okay, renting such things may be done at your local store but it is cheaper and convenient to get them from a neighbor. This app works anywhere in the world and you can also post stuff that you want to rent out.


r3app - Download Mobile, Android iPhone Apps

What do you call an app that embeds an alarm, weather, world clock and twitter app? Well, that’s the r3app. This easy-to-use application features an intuitive interface, perfect functionality and simple controls. The application wakes you up in the morning with a simple challenge that will not only brighten your mornings but also make you feel happy the whole day.

You can set multiple alarms, change the background for each alarm and view the weather. Currently, it is only available for the iOS & iPad.


best apps 2014 line toss

Android users, here is an app that will revolutionize the way you share your photographs and videos with friends. Using LINE Toss, you will no longer have to search for a picture on your smartphone so that you can share them with friends. This app organizes all your photos and videos by the date and category so that you can share them easily with your friends on LINE.


Well, texting is kind of old school, email is not that effective and Somebody is the way to go. Somebody is an interesting application used to send messages to your friends. When you send a message, it does not go to your friend, rather, it goes to a user nearest to your friend.

Somebody phone app

This individual will then have to deliver the message verbally to your friend. Though it requires a mass of users in a given area for it to function properly, it is still worth a try.

The Fridge

Fridge Pal - Your Friendly Grocery Helper

With the fridge, you have an application that keeps track of all your perishable food. You can use it to keep track of fruits, leftovers, meat,cheese or any perishable food in your home. You do not have to put something in your fridge for the Fridge app to track it. It also comes with a shopping list and recipes among other functionalities.

The list above is composed mainly of web apps since I wanted a list that both people could enjoy despite their operating systems. However, if you need windows desktop PC Native apps, I got something for you over here.

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