Activate the New YouTube Material Design in 2 Simple Steps

Having tested the material design on YouTube for several years, Google seems to be in the final stages of releasing it to all YouTube users. Throughout the testing period, there were many ways you could use to activate that new design. Some of those methods involved many steps, which were confusing to other users.


Old Methods for Activating the New YouTube Design

  • Activating a temporary cookie in Console under Developer Tools
  • Clicking on “Test new features” at the bottom of the YouTube page

Away from the listed methods, there is a new and simple way of activating the new design on your YouTube account. It is the easiest method yet before Google officially rolls out the layout to the public.

Now, you only need two steps to activate the material design. These steps will work on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Go to your web browser and type in the address bar
  • Click on the “TRY IT NOW” button at the center of the page
  • YouTube for web will automatically reload and reveal the new design

The above steps will also let you enjoy the new design while browsing the web in incognito mode.

Here are accompanying photos to feed your visual curiosity.Try new youtube lookyoutube clean layout


Further, the revamped and clean design makes it easy to activate the new YouTube’s dark mode. Activating the Dark Theme is also straightforward.

  • Click on your account photo at the top right side of the page.
  • Afterward, click on the Dark Theme option and toggle it to ON
youtube activate dark theme
Dark Theme Off
youtube toggle on dark theme
Toggle ON Dark Theme
Dark Theme Activated
Dark Theme Activated

If for any reason you want to deactivate the dark theme, use the same steps and toggle it off.

Restoring Old YouTube Look

After activating and using the new look of YouTube, you might find it less interesting. In turn, you might want to restore the design back into the old look. To do so, use these steps.

  • Click on your account photo.
  • Choose the “Restore classic YouTube”
  • Opt to give a reason for restoring and click on Submit.
  • YouTube will automatically reload in its familiar layout.


New YouTube Design Problems

Since Google started testing the new UI, I have always found it superior to the classic layout. However, the design had its share of problems. After activating the clean design, you might experience various issues. Here are some of the problems I noted.

  • YouTube unable to load fully
  • No video view count
  • Page displays no video description nor comments
  • No recommended videos
YouTube Problem
YouTube Broken Layout

The problems arise because of the extensions and adons you have installed on Google Chrome. As such, you will have to deactivate or remove your extensions and reloading the YouTube page each time. In case you find this approach time-consuming, you can remove all the extensions at once. While reinstalling your must-have extensions, you will note the one that interferes with the new and clean layout.

In my case, it was the useful Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube extension that was causing the above problems. After deactivating this extension, the page loaded seamlessly.


Alternatively, instead of removing all your extensions from Google Chrome, logging into Firefox or Microsoft Edge using your google account will solve the problem. While using these other browsers, the new and fresh layout will load without any problem. However, you will miss the intricate and subtle features that come with watching YouTube videos on Google Chrome.


Besides the new method for accessing the new layout on YouTube being simple, the included screenshots further simplify the process. Feel free to share your experience after using the design by commenting below.

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