WeChat – Accessing GOtv Services the Easy Way

Free texting, voice messages and video. This is what WeChat gives you. The catalog is pretty much the same to what Whatsapp, Hike and Telegram have on the table. Whatever makes WeChat less famous than WhatsApp? You’d ask. Well, could be a matter of Kenyan preferences and stereotypes. We are a tough lot to understand – and so is GOtv Kenya.

Their latest decision to take Eazy access service (that service that puts all your GOtv account information and service needs at your fingertips) to WeChat is simply interesting. By adding GOtv Eazy as a contact on WeChat, you will have all you need to interact with GOtv without making those expensive calls or running around their rather complicated website.

Once you have installed WeChat, we would encourage you to search for and follow genuine friends before searching for GOtv Eazy. It’s just common sense, starting from the known to the unknown.

With GOtv Eazy as your friend, you can update your account details, pay for your subscription or even clear those notorious GOtv decoder error codes.

You can find the WeChat app at your favorite app store. It is available for Android, Microsoft, iPhone, BlackBerry and even those little darling Nokia phones that ran on Symbian40 or Symbian60

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