5 Useful Android Apps Every Kenyan Must Have

We are living in the information age –a time whereby our everyday gadgets are capable of performing more than we could ever imagine just under 6 years ago. The world is still evolving and change in information technology is inevitable.

Now is the best time, as a Kenyan, to start trying out some of the apps perfectly tailored for the local market. If you have been relying on android apps that only give a little or no relevant information about Kenya, it is time to switch gears and embrace apps that acre about you.

Although there are many free android applications that are worth downloading, here are 5 useful android apps that every Kenyan must have.

M-Ledger Android App

A friend introduced me to the M-Ledger android app and when I first downloaded it, I wasn’t really convinced that it was different from the other M-Pesa apps all over Google Play. However, once I had it installed, I knew there was no way I was going to uninstall it.

android M-Ledger app
The M-Ledger Android App

M-Pesa is the largest and most used service in the mobile money transfer industry. The M-Ledger app has been designed to provide you with all those details that you cannot find in your M-Pesa menu. From all the transactions that you have made in the last 6 months, to pay bill numbers of every single business you would think of, this Android application is very handy indeed.

Kenyan Constitution

Well, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your rights are being violated and you can only oblige since you do not know that they are being breached. How about having all your rights and the rules that govern your country on your beloved smartphone? With the Kenyan Constitution Android app, you can search for the various elements quickly and locate the exact chapters, schedules and preamble.

Android constitution app
Kenyan Constitution Android App

The free android app features a simple yet beautifully arranged interface that facilitates for faster searching. It is perfect for individuals from all professions, who would like to grasp a thing or two about the laws that affect them both directly and indirectly.

Capital FM Kenya Android App

Keeping up with the latest trends in local and international news is as simple as downloading the Capital FM Kenya Android app.

Kenya News is also another interesting app that delivers Kenyan news as it emerges. However, I had to go for the Capital FM app since it not only offers news, but also Capital FM Kenya radio (essential for those who have tablets), Capital TV, jobs alerts and a whole lot of entertainment. Its design is intuitive and you can customize alerts to include only what you need.

Capital FM Android App
Capital FM Android App

Magical Kenya Android App

Do you need ideas on your next travel destination in the country? The Magical Kenya android application will do all the research for you. You only need to look at the beautifully arranged pictures and read a detailed guide about every place that you can visit to enjoy the beauty and excitement that this country has to offer.

Magical Kenya Android App
Magical Kenya Android App

The free android Magical Kenya app is essential for planning a trip, exploring local businesses, hotels and restaurants and sharing your adventures with friends. This app-enabled me to discover how beautiful Kenya is.

Expense IQ Android App

The Expense IQ manager is an interesting Android application that combines a bill reminder, expense tracker, budget planner and checkbook register. It gives a detailed look at your personal finances, hence enables you to plan accordingly. You can set reminders for paying your bill, monitor how much you spend in a day among many other things.

Expense IQ Android app
Expense IQ Android app

Since saving is integral in today’s life, this app is best suited for those who want a perfect balance between spending and saving. Another intriguing feature of the Expense IQ app is that you can choose the Kenyan shillings as your default currency. It is amazing that although it was not made by a Kenyan, Kenyans can benefit from every single feature it offers. This saves you the hassles of converting currency that is synonymous with many budgeting apps.

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