5 Things to Consider when Choosing Headphones

While no one short of a sound engineer would advise you on the best headphones to buy, knowing the basics will give you a pair good enough for your lifestyle and desire for music. Since very few of us would deem the quest worth enough to schedule a consultancy meeting, the following simple yet functional tips will help you make the right headphone purchase.

   1. How Will You Use them?

This determines many things about the headphones. It will determine whether you will need some flimsy ear fitting pieces that will be a snug and wieldy accompaniment in the gym or some heavy powerful over the ear pairs that will deliver full power audio from a hi-fi systems. The thing concentrate on here is portability and comfort. Pick something that will give you the best sound quality without getting in the way.

This is the basis of all the next decisions. Come up with a concrete answer to the questions when and how will I be using my headphones and you will be ready to move on.

  2. Get a Budget

The quality of what you get will depend on how much you are willing to spend. If you are tech-savvy and choosy, you might be looking at something that will cost you up to $100 for in-ear headphones and up to $300 for over the ear headphone models. Getting a perfect balance between the cost and quality is a good way of vetting the quality of any gadget. Nonetheless, going through a list of the best headphones you can get for less than $30 or $100 will give you an idea of the level at which you should enter the market.

With so many manufacturers and models in the market, getting a perfect fit shouldn’t be so hard. Setting the upper limit before starting the hunt will however help keep you within perspective.

  3. In Ear, Over Ear or On Ear – Make a Choice

This is the basic denominator for comfort and power. Comfort in the sense that while in ears might be light, some people will find them too intrusive while the big powerful over ears could be heavy and burdening to your head especially if you intent to use them for longer.cool-earphone

Other than this, the different design approaches determines the size of the audio diaphragm hence the possible fidelity. Small in-ear models have to use very small speaker units hence they tend to be weaker and less dynamic. Big over-ear models have size on their side and can delivery mind-blowing experiences. In addition to mere power, over-ear models could also deploy other technologies to make things better, for instance active noise cancellation – which is quite a catch if you will be using your headphones in a noisy place.

  4. Wireless or Wired


While wireless headphones will give you more freedom to move about and enjoy the music at the same time, you might experience lowered sound quality as a result of the compression (most wireless headphones need to compress the data before transmitting it for better streaming efficiency). If all you care about is freedom, wireless would be a good idea. If you want to get every not in the song, I am afraid you will have to stick to wired models when choosing headphones.

  5. Brand is Not Everything

Beats by Dre, Sony, Bose. This is just but a few of the most hyped brands in the headphone market. While they might have some amazing models to match the hype, it doesn’t mean that getting some headphones from another designer with a good reputation and a reasonable price tag would make you inferior.

Purchasing your headphones from registered distributers will ensure that you get the original thing. The counterfeit market might not be rampant in your region yet. On the other hand, taking the precaution will cost you nothing.

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