5 Reasons Why Apple May Make a Car

Apple has a reputation in making distinctive inventions. They make phones that set them apart from competitors like Samsung and LG. They make smart watches that cause a ripple in a market that has long existed in a lull.

If they do make a car, we will be expecting nothing but this from them. This is why analysts think that though possible, this wouldn’t happen within the next two or three years.

Even though these are just speculations, there are tangible reasons as to why Apple would be interested in cars.

  1. The Smartphone Market’s Future is Tepid

Apple’s growth heavily depends on iPhone sales. Even though they do sell a couple of software and Macs, they would suffer a heavy loss if the smartphone market shifts competition out of their favour. With cars getting smarter by day, it might not be long before you hear smart cars, and am sure Apple would want to be there.

  1. They Like Taking on Competition

Historically, Apple has never shied away from competitive markets. Their goal, as always, is making an impression in an existent market. Taking on competitors like Mercedes and BMW wouldn’t be something they would mind.

  1. The Authorities in the Niche aren’t so Serious

Tesla is among the most authoritative innovators in the smart car industry. They have made it this far without spending much. Apple has the money and developers. Why wouldn’t they venture into such an underexploited market?

  1. It’s Already a Brand

Do you know how many people would wear a watch just because it’s an iWatch, use earphones just because they are from Apple and use an iPhone, well, because it is an iPhone? I wouldn’t put a figure to that, but I know they are many. Apple is all about class and wealth.

  1. The power of outsourcing

Apple could easily deal with all the logistics of designing and funding the project and merely outsource the labour needed to manufacture. China’s car manufacture/assembly industry is automated and growing. Why wouldn’t Apple use this to leverage its profits?

Are these reasons enough to drive Apple into the automobile industry? In my opinion no. I would even be disappointed if they moved into the market for these reasons. Apple is all about venturing into market with an unmet demand. They have no reason to make a car unless they are introducing some necessary market changing feature that Tesla, Mercedes or Bentley haven’t thought of.

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