Using Smartphone 'Plane Mode' the Clever and Useful Way

If you always look at the little plane in your smartphones’ notification bar or setting bar and long for the day you will board your next (or first) flight to tap on it, then I am afraid I will have to burst your bubble. There’s more to this ‘flight mode’ than landing and taking off. Here are some of the top things you could do on plane mode.

2. Extend battery life

If you are travelling upcountry and are not sure of when you will next charge your phone, switching on plane mode will extend your battery’s life without pausing your game or playlist. The phone will shut down radio activity (cellular network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and any tasks related to these connections. The result is less power consumption hence a longer battery life.

2. Charge faster

Want to juice up your phone’s battery fast but don’t feel like switching it off? Don’t worry, airplane mode will come through for you. With Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and broadband off, your phone will have little to do hence the battery will fill up faster.

3. Going ‘off the radar’

If you are tired of all the emails, Whatsapp messages or calls, airplane mode will get you off the net. Alternatively, you could choose to put your phone on silent mode and stash it in a drawer. You could choose to conveniently forget it at home or forget it was in your pocket all alone. Then only problem is you won’t enjoy the music, play a couple of games or use some of your favourite offline apps in peace this way.

4. Reset your internet connection

Sometimes, your cell might have a full bar network connection but fail to establish an active data link. In such scenarios, your phone will behave as if it were offline. The simplest way to solving this problem that arises from weak or faulty connection to your ISP would be rebooting the phone. Alternatively, you could reboot your network connection by toggling the plane mode option.

Have any plane mode or other smartphone related tips and tricks? We would love to hear them. Let’s see what you got by dropping a comment to this post.

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