10 Chat and Communication Apps that Will Increase your Productivity

Adoption of effective chat and communication apps is of the utmost importance when it comes to elevating productivity especially in this digital era. This should be the case even if you have been garnering what might seem as plausible mileage from daily undertakings whilst using traditional methods of communication.

10 apps that will increase your productivity

The upside of embracing productivity apps is that in most cases you won’t be required to dig deep in your pocket in order to change the way you do things since majority of the apps come in a wide variety of options. That said, there is a long list of freeware for PCs and mobile devices that can enhance productivity and the only requisite is a sign up for the service. But if you are in need of making some serious inroads, there is always an option for upgrading to a premium account to join paid tiers in enjoying soft benefits that come with the extra boost.

To help you be all you can be, we came up with a wrap up of handy tools that make that quantum leap from low/modest efficiency to high productivity come to fruition.

  1. Skype

Excellent voice call and video call quality, online and offline messaging ability, screen sharing feature for group chats, cost effective services, and flexibility across variable internet-enabled devices; if that does not sound like something after your own heart then nothing will. Skype is probably the most stable communication tool when it comes to making video calls and voice calls within and across borders. This fact is supported by the clarity of calls offered by the app when utilized with a stable internet connection. With this leverage, the app gets a pole position on the list of top communication apps.


  1. Email

Although an age-old communication tool, email does not seem to be letting up anytime soon for newbie apps in the market. While the initial focus of email systems was probably sending emails, times have changed and these tools can now be used for video calls and instant messaging as well- something that gives it an edge over budding apps.


  1. Telegram

Since its launch, Telegram has become a sweet surrender tool effective for communication and keeping up with trends. Not only does Telegram allow you to chat with people within your circle, but it also allows you to store files in the cloud, monitor personal accounts like your electricity payments and subscription payments to a pay TV provider like Zuku that have their own bot, and many more. You can also download movies, books and other documents directly from the app. These functions are merely some of the reasons that distinguish the app from other basic chat programs.

  1. Slack

This app is unique and essential in the sense that it allows you to sync your Twitter account, Google Drive and other accounts, and easily upload files from these platforms when required. This open source app is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by Slack is elimination of distractions normally brought about by misplaced chats on social media accounts. Slack also addresses barriers to communication associated with email systems; like redundant, nonsensical emails from other personal accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… the list goes on.

  1. Dragon Dictation

If you are one of those people who detests texting but still get a chunk of messages you have to respond to; this app is all you need. Dragon dictation offers a hands-free chatting experience by converting words spoken into text and then automatically sending the text to the recipient. This is crucial especially if you want to ensure a constant flow of communication while multitasking.

  1. HipChat

Some of the functions offered by HipChat might sound clichéd and mimicked, but there is more to the app than meets the eye. With this tool, you get added benefits including drag and drop file sharing, unlimited chat rooms, 1-1 screen sharing,  a 5 GB file storage capacity, group chats with unlimited chat rooms, and full control over history retention for the unpaid version. With upgraded accounts, users are entitled to unlimited file storage as well as unlimited searchable message history in addition to what the unpaid version has to offer. Similarly to Telegram, you can build your own bot on the platform or alternatively utilize bots available to make time-consuming tasks easy.

  1. Voxer

The live and recorded messaging capability offered by Voxer is enough to retire other menial communication apps. Voxer is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, Phone 8 and desktops. Like Dragon Dictation, this app also allows you to speak your mind and send the message to the recipient. Subject to the circumstance you might be in, you can exit the app and continue communicating via the walkie-talkie mode. Additionally, you can share photos and your location, engage in group chats with up to 500 people, and even sync your Dropbox to access stored docs in the cloud.

  1. Yammer

For those who are willing to part ways with a few bucks to boost their output; Yammer is probably the highest quality app that can help you achieve grade A performance. This app has a myriad of pricing plans to suit different types of clients. Both small and large companies consider it a go-to app when it comes to group communications, management of documents, file storage and sharing, and high-quality video conferencing- since it can offer all these functions on a desktop and mobile device.

  1. Chatter

Chatter is a brainchild of the top-tier cloud computing firm; Salesforce. The app is available for desktops and mobile devices and integrates with other Salesforce apps flawlessly. By design, this makes it a necessary tool for companies that already have the CRM tool from the firm. Given that it resembles other communication apps like Facebook and Google Buzz in terms of offering status messaging and in-line comments, the software is extremely easy to use. And the fact that it is an open source app makes it a definite must-have.

  1. OnStream Meetings

OnStream Meetings makes the list due to its simplicity in use and cost effectiveness. This app is basically an adopt-and-use kind of tool since it does not require any training to familiarize with its functionalities. It has a wide array of language selections, which makes it effective anywhere you go. You can use the tool to enrich interactions between colleagues, prospective customers and consumers of your product.


Overall, these apps can enable you to go past the initial stage of wanting to do something and actually getting things done. Credibility ratings for these tools have been ensured by reviews gathered from established firms that have adopted their use.

The aforementioned apps are indeed a pedestal in bridging some of the invisible blocks that can be a letdown in achieving optimal productivity either at home or in the office. As a rule of the thumb, you need to start with free trial offers for these apps before fully integrating them in your daily routine; just to get a feel of what each app has to offer.




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